Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Under Blue Skies

It’s lovely up here. We’ve officially been in the Northwest since the first of October and it just grew more and more beautiful the farther North we went.

Salem and Medford were the small towns, but we met with friends and made a good time of it.

Portland and Eugene were simply beautiful cities. They seemed like pocket sized versions of San Francisco with clean and stylish downtown areas but not so removed from the countryside that you couldn’t feel the land and the clean air all around.

Communities invest in things that they feel are important, and it was apparent that the arts were important to the people up here from a look at the their theaters. The medieval style of the Elsinore Theater in Salem, the grandeur of the Schnitzer Hall in Portland and the emerald green interior of Sylva Hall at the Hult Center in Eugene; each one simply gorgeous. I tried getting some interior shots but the lighting just blacked everything out. You’ll have to take me at my word. Better yet, get tickets to a show and make a trip out of it. Just entering the theaters will be worth the price of admission.

We had a day off to travel to Olympia but have a show again tonight, so I’m packing up and heading out the door for sound check. Maybe we’ll see some of you there tonight.