Friday, April 10, 2009

Another New Arrival: OM-21 Custom

After having been a member of the KTrio for three years, I finally gave in and ordered a new guitar from Dick Boak at Martin Guitars. I’d been looking for a smaller-bodied guitar like my old 000-28 and finally settled on the OM model, although I wasn’t sure what version I wanted. I asked Dick what he had in stock and he said that there was this OM-21 Custom he thought I’d enjoy. Like the Vintage Series guitars it had the Indian Rosewood sides and back and an Owl Spruce face with that butter-brown finish, the slightly wider modified V neck (great for finger-picking) and the snowflake fret markers. Best of all, the binding was wood, just like the guitar that was made for me thirty years ago.

Since I hadn’t seen or played it, Dick said he would send it to me to see if I liked it. Well, it’s been almost four months now and it’s now the guitar I play the most often. It doesn’t have the huge sound of my wonderful old D-28, but its tone is so well balance and clear and it is so comfortable to play that I find myself picking it up all the time. And my shoulder doesn’t get cramped from draping it over that big-bodied dreadnought.

It’s been such a delight to have around that I’m speculating on getting another one.

Hmmm…maybe I’d better mention it to my wife first.

Oh, yes, and Emily drew me a picture to share with you all.