Thursday, December 9, 2010

We think he really liked the show!!
Dear George,
We were at the Saturday, Oct. 27th concert at the South Point. We were seated at a table right in front of you. What great seats. My daughter took great care of us that evening. We had a great time visiting with each of you following the concert and we really appreciated that. I even had a chance to visit with Paul. That was nice. I think he has a bass he would like to sell me.
But let's talk about the Kingston Trio and that concert. All I can say is WOW !!!!!!!! I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe how wonderfully PERFECT it was. This trio of George Grove, Bill Zorn and Rick Daugherty is the most fantastic thing we have ever heard. It is totally new in sound, pace, excitement, vitality and on and on and on. Yet, you are still,unmistakably, the KINGSTON TRIO.
I kid you not, you blew my socks off. You are so much more improved than I had every expected. George, I'm not trying to blow the proverbial "smoke up your skirt." From one who has listened to the Kingston Trio in recordings and concerts for the full fifty plus years, you are a newer and better trio than ever before.
Your stage presence is superb. Your excitement level is out of this world. Your harmonies are superior to anything before. Your musicianship is (with the exception of the one note you missed on the lead in to "Tom Dooley" - I thought Bill's face was going to fall off and Rick's eyes told it all - thanks for being human) excellent. I, probably was the only one to notice it, sorry. Your arrangements were perfect. Your play list was perfect and balanced. What more can I say?
During one song, Anita asked me why I wasn't singing. She and Rachelle sang every song, some under their breaths. I told her I came to be taught and that I was. I saw new chords, fingering positions and runs. I saw new rhythms in strumming and other techniques. It was a feast! I watched Paul and I think he has also followed suite and picked it up several degrees. He was great as well. At one point I leaned over to Anita and said, "the Kingston Trio Fantasy Camp has done these boys some good!"
George, it was a concert I will never forget. You are new and improved! You should all be very proud with what you have done and achieved. You are nothing less than "Masters of you Craft!"
Now, it was good to see Bob there. I figured he would be. Rachelle really enjoyed talking with him, which she was able to do for a fair amount of time and he was kind and attentive to her. (Memory: remember I talked with you a few weeks ago and told you about the snow plowing, donuts, Cokes, Slupees, etc. The kids, when very young, always liked to sing Green Back Dollar because they could swear and say the word "Damn" without getting into trouble. A silly thing, perhaps.)
Rachelle is already working on getting all of us together for next year's concert at the South Point. We should have everyone here for Thanksgiving next year and they love to come here and play, even the little ones. So that is our plan, to see you there.
Well, I've gone on too long. I really want you to know that what I felt, heard and saw that night was very special to us and to me, especially. Tell the others of our delight in having been to see and hear you. What a treat!
Take care, my friend. You and Cindy have a warm and meaningful Christmas and Very Happy New Year!

Very best,