Saturday, February 5, 2011

Got this great letter I wanted to share. Bob Shane

I had the opportunity to take my son and three of his fellow West Point cadets to Massachusetts, where I'm originally from, during their Christmas/New Year break. We spent a couple days visiting family, friends, and touring my home town of Ashland and the surrounding areas.

You may remember from an earlier note to you my son took 5 CD's with him, all Kingston Trio's, to West Point. The Trio music has become popular in his company. There are some very good guitar players and vocalists in it that can perform your music.

We took a day to tour Boston. We caught the MBTA (MTA) Green Line outside of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Upon arrival at the Boston College station a few Berklee students jumped on board. Three of them had guitars! I think you know where this story is heading... The cadets introduced themselves and asked if they could play their guitars and sing the "MTA" song as we traveled into Boston.

They agreed only if they could join in too. I tell you Bob ... the combination of Cadets and the Berklee students knowing the chords and verses ... the harmony was fabulous as was the guitar playing. The cadets added the ad libbing from your College Concert album.

A fabulously fun event in the subway car! The laughter and smiles on peoples faces during and after they finished ... absolutely priceless! Those kids had so much fun traveling to Boston on the subway as you can imagine."

We hope Charlie keeps on riding the MTA and The Kingston Trio music plays on...
Chris in Virginia